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Our History

After working in several different roles within the service industry, founder David Pickens began to see a trend within the companies he worked for. They often weren’t able to quantify the ROI from their digital campaigns, and struggled to justify their continued participation in those channels. The advertisers he collaborated with did the bare minimum, and simply relayed the metrics Google provided back to their clients.


When David accepted a role within Hopkin Inc to oversee their digital strategy across their various companies, Hopkin Inc. President Rob Hopkin told him plain and simple “I don’t care about clicks, conversions, or impressions, I want to see where my dollars went.” David then leveraged his background in data management to develop an intuitive system for lead tracking and reporting. This was a game changer for Hopkin Inc., as they now had access to information they could actually use to improve their business.


After months of successful campaigns, and internal implementations, David and the Executives of Hopkin Inc. realized they had an amazing opportunity on their hands to help out other service companies, growing their business through digital channels and delivering data that relates specifically to their business. And so, Digital Frontiers was born.

Our Mission

To Help Companies Expand Their Digital Footprint.

Our Vision

To Become The Service Industry's Digital Provider.

Our Values


Our Culture

A Team Of Professionals Working In Tandem To Create an Exciting Environment.

Our Dedicated Team

Get to know the creative powerhouse behind Digital Frontiers.

David Pickens

Director, Digital Frontiers

After honing his skills in marketing and information technology roles, David has become a Digital Marketing wizard, with skills in Web Development, Graphic Design, Programming, and Automation.

Outside of Digital Frontiers, David is a coffee and beer enthusiast, and enjoys putting on a good vinyl record while hanging out with his family and energetic Yorkie-poo, Baxter.

Nathan Pomerantz

Account Representative

Taking on leadership roles while getting his degree in Mass Communications at Towson University, Nathan has always been self sufficient, and brings a dedication to clients matched by none.

Outside of Digital Frontiers, Nathan is a huge sports fans, and funky sock afficionado.  

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