Pay Per Click Campaigns

Generate Revenue Through
Successful Online Campaigns.

How Does Pay Per Click Work?

If you’re looking to generate business online, ranking your website on high traffic keywords can often take months or years to succeed depending on the industry. Pay per click campaigns allow your site to easily reach the top slots of any search at usually for only a couple dollars per click. 

SEO organically ranks your website, while Pay Per Click automatically places ads at the top of search results.


Why Should I Do Pay Per Click?

Keywords are often very competitive, and result in more companies striving for that perfect page one ranking strategy to help them capture those customers searching online.

The power of PPC is that you’re advertising to customers with intent to convert. Your brand is in front of an active audience, right when they’re looking for services you offer. 

Let Digital Frontiers Handle Your Online Advertising.

Our team of certified PPC experts have experience building successful campaigns in the service industry. We want you to succeed so we help you grasp the full scope of your digital advertising, and the revenue it generates. 

Whereas other agencies may expect you to keep track of leads yourself, Digital Frontiers ensures that every lead is properly tracked and valued in the pipeline.

Exact ROI Tracking

For every lead we generate, we track its lifecycle; we attribute a dollar value based on their request, whether they completed a service, and if it doesn’t result in revenue your company brings in, we’ll tell you exactly why it was lost.

Live Dashboards

No longer do you have to wait for a meeting with us in order to see your campaign metrics. Our live dashboards show leads at each stage in the pipeline, and are highly customizable to the KPIs that matter most to you.

Loss Reporting

Because we want you to succeed in digital marketing, we’ll show you the exact reason the business was lost, and we’ll even capture leads that weren’t found in your system.

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