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The Problem

Hopkin Inc. started as a home inspection company ProTec in 1986. Founder Rob Hopkin served as the first inspector, and built his company over the next 35+ years to service several states in his region with a team of over two dozen inspectors. 

As they grew, they found themselves developing a family of companies: Peak Environmental, I Got a Guy! Repair Services, and of course, ProTec Inspection Services. After hearing of the benefits of digital marketing in various webinars, and from colleagues in the home services industry, they decided it was time to explore those digital channels.

The agency they chose however didn’t quite fit the bill. Their campaigns were measured by “clicks, conversions, and impressions”, all of which meant nothing to the executives of the growing company. Hopkin Inc. 

“With our previous provider, we could never tell if it was actually working or not. We had built our companies over several decades on data we could understand and use. How else could you really know if it was worth the investment? With Digital Frontiers, it was straight forward, and easy to grasp. They finally delivered the metrics that we could take back to our teams and fully digest. Being able to see where we needed to improve on the sales side was far more effective than someone showing me data that doesn’t mean anything to me.”

Rob Hopkin
President, Hopkin Inc.

The Solution

Hopkin Inc. brought an account representative, David Pickens, to handle their digital marketing needs, and soon the landscape of their business would change dramatically. Digital Frontiers was able to provide Hopkin Inc. the exact ROI from their campaigns, and finally validate the opportunity their executives were never able to see in their own terms. 

We showed them where they were struggled to close on their leads, and even found leads that weren’t being entered in their system, skewing performance metrics.

(Digital Frontiers never mentioned clicks, conversions, or impressions in any of their monthly meetings, much to Rob’s delight.)

Digital Frontiers also spearheaded a company-wide migration from Google to Microsoft; onboarding and training users on how to use the new services and transfer their files.

More recently, Hopkin Inc. commissioned Digital Frontiers to build them a CRM platform that their growth representatives could use to manage their industry relationships. We were able to integrate their service platform with the CRM, and track the amount of business their realtor interactions was generating from their efforts.

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